Duct Design Optimization - CFD

This project was to modify the existing system operation by installing a new duct. The new duct will be used when the raw mill is shut down.

The new duct initial design is shown in the slide show with a title "General Arrangement-Duct Takeoff." A computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis was completed to determine the pressure drop and velocities in the new duct.

The CFD analysis results indicate that the velocities at the duct takeoff point were not evenly distributed. It was high in some areas and low in other areas. The slide titled "Contour Plane Showing Velocity, Page 2" in particular shows the velocity distribution at the takeoff point. The high velocities near the duct surface along with the entrained dust would likely result in high wear of the duct. The static pressure drop across the duct takeoff point was also high. See Video.avi for a video showing the velocity in the duct.

The initial duct design was modified to reduce the velocities and to reduce the static pressure drop.

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